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Though Shephall is less than a mile from one of the best preserved Roman burial mounds in England it is curious that very little Roman remains have been discovered locally apart from the odd traces at the moated farmstead in Whomerley Wood and recently the find of a farm at Chells Manor which proved a God send to those people who name the roads.  At a recent excavation in Higham Ferrars, Northampton ( 30 miles north ) excavators found a hitherto unknown Roman rural settlement and yet when a large part of the town there was built in the 1960's nothing was found, could it be that they builders would only notice brick, tile and mosaic remains rather than the more indigenous buildings using wood.  One has to wonder whether the builders of Stevenage New Town either wanted to or were looking for the right signs?

Verulamium ( St Albans ) was the third most populous Roman town in England and was sacked in 61 AD by BoudiccaWelwyn ( 9 miles south ) a noted town not far away on the Great North road out of London.  Interestingly the double Saxon Hundred of Broadwater ( 200 hundred families ) that came later was to stretch from Baldock in the north to Welwyn in the south.  Recent excavations at Baldock ( 12 miles north ) in recent years have revealed a far more important staging post than previously thought and even evidence of a new mother goddess Senua worshipped and given votive offering to. 

Could it be that Shephall does have Roman remains and that Stevenage and Shephall were far more populous than was previously thought,  remember the Roman reign in England lasted for nearly 400 years?

Also bear in mind that the site of St Mary's church in Shephall is oval which almost certainly points to a pre Christian origin.

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