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The creation of this website has been done with the altruistic motive of preserving all these items of information for both people living today and those yet to come.  I have not built this site for any financial gain and thus I do not want the contents of this site used for anything other than individual, educational and historical reasons, certainly not for financial gain.  I am aware that I have copies many things from other people and that I may have infringed some copyright laws, I believe the law is roughly to the end of the author or creators life plus 50 years ( Berne Convention) or 25 for pictures.  If anybody finds anything on this site that has infringed these laws please email me on the Feedback page, however I hope anybody, whose work I have used, will be able to view history and the collection of primary and secondary sources for everybody as a duty for us all.

For the first time in the history of humankind it has been possible to collect and store all of these documents, pictures and photographs in a small optical disc ( CD Rom ) sometimes at a quality that is staggering.  With it comes the ability to reproduce at will numerous copies but with the responsibility not to abuse that power for personal gain.

Richard Holton

Dubai 27th May 2002


 Nov 2002  Mary Spicer has kindly given permission to publish her excellent book on the village of Shephall, "Tyme out of Mind" on this website for "Yesterday's children and today's and tomorrow's."  Unfortunately the pictures in the book do not scan in very well so I will substitute appropriate pictures until I can replace them with better copies next Summer.   As well as a stunning evocation of what life was like growing up in a small agricultural village there are 3 chapters on Shephalbury  house as it was then known.  It is a most readable book.

Permissions to publish on this website details.

Stevenage Museum - Waiting to hear

Mary Spicer - Permission granted to publish "Tyme out of Mind" on this website. Letter at the bottom of this page.

Geoffrey Heathcote - permission granted.  Letter at the bottom of this page.

Anthony Camp

Hertfordshire Record Office - Waiting to hear.

North Herts Gazette

The Comet

Bedfordshire Record Office


Permission to publish Tyme out of Mind 1

Permission to publish Tyme out of Mind 2

Permission to use various Heathcote photos and other material.

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