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Family tree of Nodes

George Chapman son of Joan Chapman nee Nodes

Memorial to Jane Nodes

Heathcote Family Tree1 up to 1700 ish

Heathcote Family Tree 2 1700 +

Heathcote Family Tree 3

Old House c1850

New Shephall Manor 1st July 1864 from the Civil Engineer

Wood 1 from the basement August 1864

Wood 2 from basement August 1864 ( date not visible from this picture).

Heathcote Family Drawing 1880?

Annabel Wigram c 1907

North Front of Shephall c1900

Drawing of house about 1875

Blurry picture of South door c1900

House from South West c 1900

St Michaels designed by T Roger Smith

West side of Shephall c1900

Archery on lawn c 1905

Walled Garden

Cutting in a wood pit c1900

View from old house c 1900

Geoffrey Heathcote 1904

Bombay Hospital by Roger T Smith?

Bombay Post Office by Roger T Smith

Greenhouse in walled garden

Haystack making c1900

In walled garden c1900

Snow in the Shephall Lane c1900

Snow in the walled garden c1900

South West side 1900

Shephall Lodge 1900

Shutters and Blinds in Summer c1900

Walled Garden c1900

Shephall village c1900

View from old house in Summer c1900

View from old house c1900 in winter

Michael Heathcote 1904

Cyclist by South door 1904

1939 Fuseboard still with Servants quarters!

Aerial picture of Shephall Manor Boys school 1960

GLC plans c1980

After the fire 1981

Picture from field 1988?

1989 picture

Staircase about 1985

Old ILEA school nameplate

Calendar picture that appeared in 1987 produced by Eversheds of St Albans, obviously a colouring of Cussans 1876 picture.

Waiting for closure 1989 ( Look at the signs!)

Waiting for closure 1989

Picture of Front for SMAC display c1989

1990 Photo of Shephall Manor

Picture from the Sale document of Commission of the New Towns 1991

New buildings around South Lodge 2000

Picture from Coptic Christian site c2000

Picture from SDC site

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